Friday, January 15, 2010

Current Supply

1. Black Horehound Extract (tincture)
2. Elderberry Extract (tincture)
3. Elderberry Extract Elixir
4. Motherwort Extract (tincture)
5. Plantain Oil
6. Plantain Salve
7. Self-Heal Extract (tincture)
8. Goldenrod extract (tincture)
9. Juniper needle infused oil
10. Juniper berry extract (tincture)

TO ORDER email me and I'll send you a paypal request.

POSTAGE: Prices do not include postage. For single orders, I use the priority mail small flat rate box which is $4.95. I can use for larger orders to estimate shipping for you.

Comments from customers

Small batches of herbs are hand picked from protected fields; far from cars, chemical sprays and human traffic. There is a limited supply and variety is based on the season. The herbs are harvested ethically and gratefully.

These products were made for and are used by my family. I made extra for you.

Extracts (tinctures) are made from 100 proof vodka and are never heated,
elixirs from Brandy and unfiltered honey, herbal oils from olive oil, herbal vinegars from organic apple cider vinegar and pet medicine (in tincture form) from vegetable glycerin.

If you are on prescription medication, please check with your medical herbalist or health care provider before using herbs. Start your own research into any plants you want to ally with. Learn to self-test to determine your need. Your body knows what you need.



  1. Hi, there! I followed you here from the Susun Weed forum...thought I'd come by and see your nice herbal blog. :)

    I have a blog, too, and I'd like to put a link to your blog on mine, if you wouldn't mind!

    :) Nice to meet you!