Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rose hips

I have several ounces of semi-fresh rose hips available.  They are from the wild pink Multiflora Rose (Rosa multiflora var. cathayensis).  They were picked between 2-4 days ago and have been air drying.  They are still ruby red, and have all the stemlets removed.  With these you can make your own extracts, oils, vinegars or continue drying them for tea or infusions.  If you need instructions on creating any of these, I can help you.  These small rose hips are packed with Vitamin C.

$4 per ounce plus shipping (instead of the flat rate envelope or box, it'll be cheaper to ship based on weight and a half ounce large envelope from zip code 65470:)  Based on two zip codes the shipping was a little over $1.

If you'd like fresh just picked rose hips, they can be picked to order.
$5 per ounce

I have made Rose hip vinegar, infused olive oil, infused almond oil, infused hazelnut oil, an infusion of mixtures of oils, tincture and elixir.  They will be ready in early December, enquire now and reserve your bottle.  Prices and photos to be posted soon.

Watch for our new website coming soon and your shopping experience will be much easier!

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