Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just in time for Christmas

Here are some products that are ready just in time for Christmas.  Sorry the new website isn't ready yet for easier ordering.  

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 Juniper oil is a perfect smell for this time of year. It's liquid Christmas in a bottle and enjoyed by men and women alike.  It's not only good as a healthy breast massage oil, but great for meditation. 

Any oil can be made into a salve, just allow a little extra time for processing.
Unless price already noted, custom salves are 
$8- 2 oz 
$15-4 oz.  
Salves are made on a wood cook stove, so they have a little extra charm.

Goldenrod infused Olive Oil
Use externally as a relaxing and pain relieving massage and bath oil.  For deeply sore, strained, tight and spasmodic muscles; and has helped in cases of severe uterine or ovarian cramping. *  Ingredients: Goldenrod, Olive Oil.

1 ounce $6
2 ounces $11 

Photo by Jamie Jackson
Violet flower oil 
VERY little of this oil left.
According to Susun Weed "Preserved as an oil, they treat sensory organs...Violet flower oil in the ears can relieve tinnitus".

Violet flower infused oil has also been used as a breast massage oil for those with lumps.*  Ingredients:  Violet flowers, Olive Oil.
1 ounce $6
2 ounces $11

Photo by Frank Darr
Wild Bergamot 
Monarda fistulosa

Wild Bergamot Oil
Anti-bacterial, nervine and anti-inflammatory properties.  Can be substituted for anything you might use Oil of Oregano for.*  Ingredients: Wild Bergamot, Olive Oil.

1 ounce $6
2 ounces $11

Wild Bergamot Tincture - SOLD OUT
Has been used for yeast infections, leaky gut and upset stomachUsed to bring on delayed menses so do not use during pregnancy.  For cystitis, especially urinary tract infections with severe burning. Can be used to help with colds and flus.  Also said to help express your passions. *   Ingredients: Wild Bergamot, 100 proof Vodka.

Suggested dose 5-10 drops in a sip of water, but listen to your body.

$7 - 1 ounce
$13 - 2 ounces

Bad photo by Jamie Jackson :-)
Rose Hips
(Rosa multiflora var. cathayensis)
Rosehips are rich in Vitamin C and contain 3-60 times as much as citrus. They are also rich in carotenoids, vitamin A, B, E, and K, potassium, iron, lutein, lycopene, Vitamin E, flavanoids and GLA (gamma linolenic acid - omega 6). *

Here is a little more info on Roses I typed up on my blog 

Rose Hip (whole) Tincture - currently being tested, will be available soon.
An astringent for treating diarrhea, relieving colic or stomach pains, and an  effective anti-viral.  Tinctures hold Vitamin C and  the bio-chemically active nutritional and medicinal components in suspense, so this would also be good to boost the immune system to prepare for cold and flu season. Ingredients: Whole rose hips, 100 proof vodka. 

Suggested dosage, 6-12 drops in a sip of liquid, but listen to your body.

$7  - 1 ounce
$13 - 2 ounces

Rose Hip ElixirNow available.
Made with brandy and honey makes this a very palatable way to take rose hips. Contains all the beneficial properties of Rose Hip Tincture, but has less alcohol and is sweeter- so better for kids.  Thirty drops of elixir has less alcohol than a ripe banana.*  Ingredients: Whole Rose hips, brandy (40% alcohol/vol), unfiltered honey.

Suggested dosage, 6-12 drops in a sip of liquid, but listen to your body.

1 ounce $7.00
2 ounces $13.00

Rose Hip Oils
Whole Rose hip oil contains unique properties beneficial for revitalizing and rejuvenating the skin.  It has been used in cosmetic and herbal medicines for centuries and in skin anti-aging remedies to combat freckles, brown spots and wrinkles, and promotes young, fresh looking skin. It is well tolerated by all kinds of skin and especially useful on the skin under the eyes.

Whole rose hip oil is used also as a dietary supplement, in particular to help improve conditions of digestive system, such as ulcers.*

If my skin is oily, I use hazelnut oil.  If it's dry, almond oil.  I never use olive oil on my face, but it's wonderful for arms and legs.  
I typically wash my face with an all-natural mild soap containing animal fat, such as goat's milk.  Or just wash with a wet rag and no soap at all.  Pat my face dry and leave my face and hands damp.  I put about a quarter size amount of oil in my palm, rub on my hands and foreams.  Then lightly pat my hands to my face and under eyes.  The oil will absorb into the skin and will not leave an oily look.  After a time if the oil has not absorbed, just do a light water rinse, but I have never found that necessary. 

Rose Hip infused Olive Oil - Ready 12-8-10
A standard infused oil.
$6 - 1 ounce
$11 - 2 ounces

Rose Hip infused Almond Oil - Ready 12-14-10
Almond oil infusions are particularly good for dry skin.*  I like to rub it into my cuticles.

$7 - 1 ounce
$13 - 2 ounces

Rose Hip infused Hazelnut Oil - Ready 12-08-10
Hazelnut oil is good to use for oily skin or those with acne because of it's astringent and toning qualities. If your hands are dry and your face is oily, do not rub this oil on the top of your hands when applying to your face.  It will dry your hands out even further.*
$7 - 1 ounce
$13 - 2 ounces

Rose Hip infused Almond and Hazelnut Oil combined - Ready 12-12-10
For in between skin types. 
$7 - 1 ounce
$13 - 2 ounces

For other items that are also available, see my Current Supply list.

*The information presented here is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. Individual results may vary, and before using any supplements, it is always advisable to consult with your own health care provider. 

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