Friday, January 15, 2010

9. Juniper needle infused oil

9. Juniper needle infused oil -
(Juniperus Virginiana, Olive Oil, Vitamin E). Needles from a female tree full of berries.

This is NOT an essential oil and therefore generally non-irritating.

This incredibly fragrant infused oil is perfect for routine breast self-massage, especially for those with painful or lumpy breasts. *

"Evergreens contain compounds clinically proven to kill cancer cells. The most powerful in this respect ... cedar (Juniperus Virginiana). Evergreens contain antiseptic, anti-fungal, antiviral and anti-tumor oils." - Susun Weed

Just rubbing on your hands, cupping near your nose and smelling deeply can transport your mind to the dark, green woods. This is my favorite smelling oil and to me it smells like liquid Christmas.

Red Cedar (Juniper) is a folk remedy for arthritis, rashes, and skin ailments (Duke and Wain 1981); but I have not had the chance to use this oil for those conditions myself. I have just started using it for a sore knee and it does feel very nice after a massage with this oil.

Warning: If you have small cuts or scratches on your hands from briars and rub the excess oil over the top of your hands, it will sting a bit. Just wash off if you find little cuts on your hands you didn't know were there.

1 ounce $6
2 ounces $11

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