Friday, January 15, 2010

6. Plantain Salve

6. Plantain Salve
(Plantago major, Olive Oil, unbleached Missouri beeswax.)

Has been used for bites (chigger too!), scrapes, sore muscles, dryness, sprains, rashes (including diaper), cradle cap, lip balm, skin allergies. 
My husband and I have found a little salve in the nostrils, which we use for dry weather, will very quickly stop an allergy attack.*  Also see uses under Plantain Oil above. I like to use as under eye cream. Indicate if you want firm or soft salve. 

Warning: do not apply to poison ivy, the skin needs to breathe.

2 ounce tin $7
4 ounce tin $12

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  1. My Dad's skin has become very thin, one area in particular subject to sore. The soft Plantain Salve has been wonderful! It soothes the area and really comforts my Dad.