Friday, January 15, 2010

Elderberry Note #1

Note 1: for Elderberry
Take with recommended dosage of Zinc and adequate selenium (don't exceed 200 mcg) to correct the risk of a TH-1 and TH-2 imbalance created when a healthy immune system kills off large amounts of a virus in the body. This imbalance can result in a cytokine storm and is a slight risk during the flu with or without a flu remedy. Add sub-lingual B-12 for additional protection against cytokine storms. A cytokine storm is caused by too many immune cells activated in a single place and is an over-active immune response. The primary symptoms of a cytokine storm are high fever, swelling and redness, extreme fatigue and nausea; they have potential to do significant damage to body tissues and organs. Many cases of death during the pandemic flu of 1918 were from these cytokine storms, not the flu itself. Doctors believe that the same will happen with the swine H1N1 and H5N1 flu, but the data is still being analyzed.

Strengthen the immune system with vitamin C and D. Vitamin D storage is increased through skin exposure to outdoor sun and/or Mercury free fish oils. Be sure to get extra rest, Elderberry extract has a harder time if your immune system is worn down and a little extra sleep will increase its benefits greatly (some say tenfold). Finally, prior to taking this herb, prepare your body for a massive die-off of mycoplasma and/or other infections by hydrating methods. Drink lots of water, and spend a couple of days resting and if possible, fasting.

Elderberries are known to be effective against 8 strains of influenza. Taken before infection, may prevent; taken after infection, prevents spread of the virus through the respiratory tract. Elderberry extract tested in the laboratory and in double-blind human studies cut the severity and length of Influenza A and B significantly, within two days
IF taken at the onset of symptoms and taken appropriately. Laboratory documentation shows Elderberry preparations prevent the influenza virus from replicating, preventing an overload of virus in the body, thereby allowing the immune system to do its job of attacking the virus and neutralizing it.

A team at Retroscreen Virology, an institute associated with the University of London, said that the extract was at least 99 per cent effective against the H5N1 virus and significantly neutralized the infectivity of the virus in cell cultures. An in vitro study has shown Sambucol (a standardized extract of Black Elderberry) to be effective in increasing the production of four inflammatory cytokines, suggesting that the supplement may have an immuno-stimulatory effect and therefore be worth taking all year round to prevent flu and other disease.

A clinical trial of Elderberry extract during a severe flu outbreak around 1992-93 in Israel confirmed a perfect cure rate of severe flu victims there. Another study performed in Oslo, Norway more recently, around 2002, also confirmed the amazing efficacy for type A or B flu victims of several different strains. The cures mostly occurred in two days while a few were cured in three days. Tamiflu cures occur normally in 4.5 to 5 days. It took 6 days or more for the flu victims on placebos to recover.

According to the New York Times, February 5, 2005, the World Health Organization (WHO) has admitted that Tamiflu is not as effective as previously believed. Black Elderberry extract is an alternative for several flu viruses, both type A and type B. It's a natural remedy that has no side effects and is inexpensive. It has been around for quite some time as a cold cure. But lately it has proven effective against virulent flus.

The Sydney (Australia) Herald on April 20, 2009 reported that a Japanese study had been completed on the side effects of Tamiflu with negative results. A major reason for the study was to determine if Japan should lift its ban on Tamiflu, which, the Herald article stated, was very unlikely because of the of the conclusion of that study.

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  1. Elderberry is not only valuable for its antioxidant potential, it has also exhibited particular health benefits that are substantiated in studies in the areas of immune support, physical stress, cardiovascular support and healthy inflammation response.