Friday, January 15, 2010

10. Juniper Berry extract

10. Juniper berry extract (tincture) - (Juniperus Virginiana, 50% alcohol)

Has been used to help water retention, urinary tract infections, sluggish kidneys, loss of tone in tissues and organs, rheumatoid arthritis; nerve, muscle, and tendon disorders; uterine tone, late or slow-starting menstrual periods, respiratory infections and expelling mucus, gas in digestive system, and balancing blood sugar.

Warning: Limit use to 4-6 weeks and avoid during pregnancy and nursing. Use cautiously if diabetic, can raise glucose levels. Avoid using if you are using prescribed medication for diabetes, diuretics, or suffer from kidney or frequent urinary tract problems.

Average dosage 10-20 drops, start small and work your way up if necessary. Drops can be taken in sip of water or used to massage into areas affected by gout.

Warning: I would not take Juniper berries in large doses as recommended at the end of this article. Such dosages day after day could be hard on the kidneys. Consult with your medical herbalist before taking such large dosages.

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2 ounces $14

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