Friday, January 15, 2010

8. Goldenrod extract

8. Goldenrod extract (tincture) - (Solidago spp., 50% alcohol)

Has been used for allergies (especially cat dander), hay fever, dripping sinuses, digestive aid, kidney and prostate problems, frequent urination, SAD or cold and gloomy blues, chronic fatigue and nervous exhaustion. Is an astringent, anti-inflamatory, diuretic and carminative (prevents or relieves gas). *

Can taken by the dropperful, but start smaller and see how you feel.

Though is seems illogical that goldenrod would help with allergies, the truth is that goldenrod doesn't cause allergies. Ragweed which is also in bloom at the same time is usually the culprit for allergy fits. Their flowers are greenish and not as eye catching as the goldenrod, so guess who gets the blame.

1 ounce $7
2 ounces $14

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