Monday, September 3, 2012

Newest Products

I'm trying to raise money for airfare to the Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference (a.k.a. Medicine of the People conference) and went through our personal stash to see what I may have a bit extra of. Quantities are very limited.

All products listed in this post (if you can not afford these prices, please talk to me and see FIRE SALE items below)
$8 for 1 ounce, plus postage
$14 for 2 ounces, plus postage

Once I have your address, I can give you the postage price before you commit to your purchase.  I will be unable to make any sales from September 11th - 16th.

* Elderberry honey
*Comfrey Oil
*Evening Primrose Oil
*Plantain Oil
*Goldenrod Oil
*Sage Extract
*Wild Lettuce Extract (Stem & Leaf)
*Wild Lettuce Extract (Stem only)
*Rose Petal infused Almond Oil
*Yarrow Extract
*Elderberry Extract

Please send a message to to order. Thank you!


FIRE SALE items.  These are items from last year's farmers market that didn't sell.  Some may have oil drops on the labels from falling over in the box in transit or the labels may be "wrinkled".

Some products do not have each size available
1 ounce bottles $6
2 ounce bottles $10

Monarda Extract
Monarda Oil
Juniper Berry Extract
Self-Heal Oil
Self-Heal Extract
Black Horehound Extract
Goldenrod Oil
Goldenrod Extract